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  • Humacao

    Humacao is also known as "La Cuidad Gris", which means grey city, and was founded in April 1722. It was named after a local Indian chief called Jumacao. Humacao is a small little town and doesn't have any extraordinary tourist facilities, but it has a university with large sport facilities, a small airport that is served by Vieques Air Link with a daily flight from Vieques, a large golf ...

  • Culebra

    Culebra has a uniquely friendly atmosphere with wonderful beaches, anchorages and some good snorkeling spots to satisfy all your water-sport needs. Culebra also enjoys an all year warm climate with temperatures between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and it doesn't have a prolonged rain fall season. This means anytime is a good time to visit the Spanish Virgin Island of Culebra.

  • Yabucoa

    The city of Yabucoa has an interesting history. It was originally a mountain town with little progress or development. In 1793, however, 25 acres of land was donated for the development of a city centre. In time, a church and jail were built and the cemetery was fenced. However Hurricane Santa Ana which hit in 1825 completely desolated this progress, leaving only the church standing. In ...

  • Ceiba

    Ceiba was founded on April 7, 1838. The town of Ceiba borderers the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast, north of Naguabo, south of Fajardo and east of Río Grande. Ceiba has some stunning rivers to visit, so be sure to take time to explore them. Some of the more popular ones are Daguao, Fajardo and Demajaguas.

  • Las Croabas

    If you travel 35 miles east of San Juan in the county of Fajardo, you will find a little seaside village by the name of Las Croabas. This village has an estimated population of just over thousand people, the majority of whom make a living from fishing.

  • Luquillo

    There are a host of fantastic tourist destinations in Puerto Rico, and Luquillo is a favorite of the many visitors to this lovely island – especially during the holiday season when its many beautiful beaches come alive with activity.