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  • Hotels

    Fajardo Inn Resort

    Set in flourishing landscaped gardens, the Farjardo Inn Resort prides itself on its conservation and reforestation programs in this beautiful part of Puerto Rico. Located in Puerto Real, Fajardo, the resort offers holidaymakers a touch of luxury in scenic surroundings. The Fajardo Inn Resort is a popular wedding venue and romantic getaway, as well as providing facilities for families with ...

  • Courses

    Arthur Hills Golf Course

    For many travelers, playing a round of golf in the country they are exploring adds to the enjoyment of their holiday experience. Visitors to Fajardo in the southeastern region of Puerto Rico can play a game at one of the country’s world-class golf courses in surroundings so beautiful that it may make it difficult to keep your eye on the ball. The Arthur Hills Golf Course at El Conquistador ...

  • Reserves

    El Yunque National Forest

    Nature lover’s travelling to Puerto Rico will likely enjoy a visit to the El Yunque National Forest. This stunning wilderness area has the distinction of being the only tropical rain forest listed in the United States National Forest System.

  • Wildlife

    Coqui Frog

    Coqui Frogs (Eleutherodactylus coqui) are a unique species of tree frogs found mainly on the island of Puerto Rico. There are sixteen species of Coqui Frogs, of which eleven are endemic to Puerto Rico. Thirteen of these species of frog can be found in the El Yunque National Forest, previously referred to as the Caribbean National Forest.

  • Eastern Region


    If you travel to the eastern coast of the island, just north of Humacao, you will find Naguabo. This municipality is spread out over ten wards, the administrative center of which is Naguabo Pueblo. The 134 square kilometers of land that is covered by this municipality is quite varied since it includes a part of the Luquillo Mountain Range. Two of the larger peaks in this range can be found ...

  • Activities

    Hiking Walking

    Puerto Rico is a country that has a vast variety of activities to offer visitors. One of the more popular activities in Puerto Rico is hiking. Hiking and walking in Puerto Rico is a popular choice since the landscape is breathtaking and inviting. There are so many hiking and walking destinations in Puerto Rico that often the only difficult aspect of this activity is deciding where to ...

  • Eastern Region

    Rio Grande

    Delectably rich in its natural heritage, Rio Grande is the ideal place to get away from it all. Vast areas of natural Greenland and long strips of pristine beach provide the setting for many enjoyable activities. The El Yunque or Caribbean National Forest is noted for being the only tropical rain forest in the United States Forest Service system. Apart from this magnificent natural wonder, ...

  • Museums

    Tropical Forest Center

    Inaugurated in 1996, the El Portal Rain Forest Center provides the perfect introduction to the wonders of a tropical rain forest. The Center, which was designed by the Sierra Cardona Ferrer architectural firm, is situated in amidst the Caribbean National Forest and can be reached by the PR 191. Its unusual use of architecture is meant to mirror certain elements of the forest and the whole ...

  • Attractions


    Puerto Rico is a beautiful island situated at the heart of the Caribbean. Surrounded by crystal clear, beautifully blue waters, this sizable island is home to a variety of natural habitats – from coastal forest to rock estuaries. Inland you will find farms and denser forest while along the coast you will find mangrove swamps, coral reefs and other watery areas. There are rocky coves complete ...

  • Reserves

    Ines Maria Mendoza Reserve

    On 13 August 1990 the celebrated teacher and conservationist, Dona Ines Maria Mendoza Rivera de Munoz Marin, passed away. She is remembered by many Puerto Ricans as a constant and tireless foot soldier in the fight for conservation. She fought for the preservation of land, marine life and all animals. Her great legacy lives on in the walls of the school that was named in her honor and the ...