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  • Translation

    Puerto Rico's official languages are Spanish and English. Spanish is by far the most widely spoken language in Puerto Rico and visitors to the country who speak the language are more readily accepted. Approximately a quarter of Puerto Rico's population can communicate in English which is mostly spoken in the major tourist sections of Puerto Rico.

  • Newspapers

    There are a number of newspapers that are circulated in Puerto Rico. If you are looking for information on local events, weather forecasts or airport times, the local newspapers are one of the easiest ways to find out what is going on. Local newspapers also provide useful information on shopping bargains, accommodation, resorts and property. Movies, live shows and cultural events are also ...

  • Radio

    There are quite a few radio stations operating in Puerto Rico. Most of them are based in San Juan though you may find you are able to tune into a few small local stations at various points on the island. Local radio stations cover a very broad range of music genres and preferences such as rock, Latin and the top 40 or even a mixture of all three. It is possible to tune into them on the ...