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  • Fish

    Puerto Rico is home to an abundance of freshwater and saltwater fish, both native and introduced. These can be found in the natural lakes, man-made lakes, rivers and seas of Puerto Rico. Why not spend the day snorkeling in Puerto Rico's waters to discover the various fish species. With such an abundance and variety of fish, it is no wonder that fishing in Puerto Rico is a popular activity.

  • Toa Alta

    The town of Toa Alta was established in the year 1751. It is more commonly known as “La Cuna de los Poetas”, meaning "the Birthplace of Poets". This nickname is derived from the fact that many famous poets, including Abelardo Diaz Alfaro, were born in Toa Alta. It is not only the birthplace of musicians and poets, but the former breathtaking Miss Universe beauty, Dayanara Torres, ...

  • Patillas

    If you are looking for peace and tranquility in a stunning natural setting, Patillas is the place to go. Situated only one and a half hours away from San Juan, this natural beauty has more to offer than just oranges.

  • Sport

    Baseball, basketball, biking, skating, sailing, bowling, camping, cycling, diving, fishing, golf, hiking, horses, surfing, tennis...Take your pick!There's a plethora of outdoor activities to keep you entertained whilst in Puerto Rico. Whether you're the active, get-involved type or the sit-down-and-watch-others type, there'll be something for you to enjoy in Puerto Rico.

  • Fishing

    Fishing in Puerto Rico is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities and many fisherman, professional and social, flock here to enjoy a weekend or longer of fishing. Puerto Rico is mostly known for its spectacular deep-sea excursions, but recently the demand for fly-fishing has increased. Anglers look forward to pulling in a Blue Marlin, Billfish, Macao, Snook, Yellow Fin Tuna, ...

  • Humacao Nature Reserve

    The Humacao Nature Reserve is located on the southeastern coast of the island of Puerto Rico. This is just one of the many nature reserves in Puerto Rico that is know for its diverse and spectacular collection of approximately ninety bird species that have made their homes in this protected area. There are also a few families of monkeys that roam the reserve; contact with them is discouraged ...

  • Tortuguero Lagoon Reserve

    If you are looking for a little something different to do while visiting Puerto Rico, look no further than the Tortuguero Lagoon Nature Reserve. While most nature reserves in the area focus on forest or coastal shrub, the Tortuguero Lagoon Nature Reserve serves to protect this beautiful fresh water lagoon. Laguna Tortuguero is Puerto Rico’s largest natural body of fresh water and as such, it ...