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    Public transportation in Puerto Rico is not always reliable. Buses and trains do not run on scheduled routes so planning ahead isn’t always possible. Most visitors use rental cars as a form of transportation in Puerto Rico as this is an easier way to get around. However this form of transport can be harrowing at times due to traffic congestion. Puerto Rico also has a number of harbors, ports ...

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    Puerto Rico (or "Rich Port" as it is known in Spanish) is a self governing territory or Commonwealth of the Unites States. Commonly referred to as "The Island of Enchantment" or as "Borinquen" by locals, Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean Ocean and is comprised of a number of islands that form an archipelago, including two of its most famous islands - Culebra and Vieques. The capital ...

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    Bearing in mind that many airlines offer special deals for flights to Puerto Rico if these are booked well in advance, now that you have decided to visit this fascinating island destination, don’t delay in booking your flights. There are a number of airports scattered around Puerto Rico, which make it easy to get there from many international destinations, as well as facilitating travel ...