Tag: heritage

  • Loiza

    Nowhere in Puerto Rico is there a more cultural and traditional destination than Loiza. It is a town that was neglected for many years, but as tourists began to discover the rich heritage and hypnotic atmosphere of Loiza, this destination in Puerto Rico began to enjoy a new lease on life. Although many residents of Loiza live in poverty, their untamed spirit for life and their appreciation ...

  • Jayuya

    Located beside the impressive Toro Negro Forest Reserve of Puerto Rico is the town of Jayuya. This fascinating town provides a marvelous gateway into this stunning reserve. It also provides the perfect introduction to Puerto Rico's Indian cultural heritage. Surrounded by mountains and covering an area of 101 km squared, Jayuya is certainly worth a visit.

  • Carolina

    Just a ten minute drive from San Juan, Carolina is a sun filled city with much to offer. The city has several native names and was originally called Trujillo Bajo when it was founded in 1857. Later Don Gaspar Martínez, who donated a sizable piece of land for the municipality, requested that the town be renamed after his daughter, Carolina de San Juan. From that time forward the city has ...

  • El Morro

    Standing in the city of San Juan is a truly impressive six-level castle fortress designed to guard the city from seaward attacks. Known as El Morro, this impenetrable fort is also referred to as Castillo de San Felipe de Morro and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1933. Visiting this outstanding architectural feat is certainly an experience you won't want to miss.

  • Castillo San Cristobal

    The Castillo de San Cristóbal or St. Christopher Fort is a massive fort that was built by the Spanish in the city of San Juan. The structure extends across 27 acres in a fascinating pattern that makes it an attraction in Puerto Rico which is well worth a visit. In 1983 Puerto Rico's Castillo de San Cristóbal was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site so be sure to explore this fascinating ...

  • Casa De Espana

    If you are planning to tour San Juan in Puerto Rico, the Casa de España is definitely one place you should visit. This beautiful old building is not really open to the public on a regular basis, but certain portions of the building are available for rent and the building is often used to host events. Whatever the case, you can get a few good photos from the perimeter fence to show to friends ...

  • Guaynabo

    Guaynabo, or Guaynabo City, has a population of approximately 100 000 and is situated to the west of the bustling city of San Juan. It falls within the Metropolitan Area of Puerto Rico that includes other municipalities such as Caguas, Catano and Toa Baja. Guaynabo was established in the year 1769 and has since grown into an important and popular destination in Puerto Rico.