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  • Museo Las Americas

    Inaugurated in 1992, the Museo de Las Americas in San Juan is a non-profit organization located in Norzagaray Street, San Juan. The museum is run and maintained through funds received from the Legislative Assembly and the Friends of the Museum private organization. The goal of the museum is to provide permanent and seasonal exhibitions whereby the public can gain an understanding of the ...

  • Museo Del Indio

    If you have been around the island and discovered some of the amazing Taino Indian treasures that can be found here, your curiosity for this people and its culture has likely grown. Who were these people and how did they live? Were they the only inhabitants of the island or were there others? Did they communicate with other tribes from surrounding islands and with those from the mainland? ...

  • History Of Ponce

    The Museum of the History of Ponce, or "Museo de la Historia de Ponce", offers visitors to the city a marvelous opportunity to explore the past. Located in the Casa Salazar, the museum is an architectural wonder in itself. The museum in Ponce was officially opened in 1992. If you would like to find out more about Ponce, the Museum of the History of Ponce is a fantastic start.

  • Faro De Las Cabezas

    While in San Juan take time to visit the Faro de las Cabezaz de San Juan, a lighthouse built by the Spanish and first officially lit up on 2 May 1882. To get to the restored lighthouse you will first pass through the Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve known for its bio-diversity and its beauty. The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico manages the Las Cabezas reserve that can be found at the ...

  • Hacienda Buena Vista

    The Hacienda Buena Vista Plantation is a down-sized 87-acre plantation that has been maintained well over the years, proving to be an excellent example of a mid-19th century coffee plantation. It was built in 1833 with a total of 200 hectares and continued to be in use till the 1950’s as a producer of corn, citrus and coffee. The Plantation was the first of its kind and was built to grow ...

  • San Juan Cathedral

    Situated in Cristo Street in San Juan, the San Juan Cathedral is a fascinating architectural wonder of great religious importance to people in the area. Also known as Catedral de San Juan Bautista, the church stands before the Plazuela de Las Monjas. This attraction in Puerto Rico is both religiously and historically interesting. Why not visit and find out why for yourself?

  • Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center

    The Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center, or the Centro Ceremonial Inígena de Tibes, can be found 3.2 km from Ponce, Puerto Rico bordered by Río Portuguéz. If you are interested in learning about the tribal history of the native people that occupied the area hundreds of years ago then you will really enjoy the Ceremonial Center, which contains part of a 1,500-year-old re-created Taíno village.

  • Cruz Del Vigia

    There are few attractions in Puerto Rico that can mirror the spectacular scope of scenery which is found at Cruz Del Vigía. This great lookout spot is often combined with tours to the Museo Castillo Serrallés and the two make for a great morning or afternoon outing. You might want to plan a picnic lunch to enjoy from the hillside too as there are few places in Puerto Rico that make a better ...