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  • Health Spas

    Edouard De Paris Day Spas

    The Edouard de Paris Beauty and Wellness centers started their existence in 1937 - the same year that Edward Gruszka started working as an apprentice hairstylist at the age of sixteen. He got the opportunity to work along side Antoine de Paris, in Paris, at the age of twenty-four. It was through this life changing experience in Paris that he decided on the name Edouard de Paris, for his ...

  • Courses

    Dorado Del Mar

    Puerto Rico is home to many fine resorts and golfing estates where golfers can relax and unwind while working on their golf game. The Dorado Del Mar Beach & Golf Resort Hotel is one of Puerto Rico’s finest hotel and golfing combinations and it is a place where vacationers, business people and families can come to relax and enjoy the beauty of the ocean as well as the sharpening their golfing ...