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  • Jayuya

    Located beside the impressive Toro Negro Forest Reserve of Puerto Rico is the town of Jayuya. This fascinating town provides a marvelous gateway into this stunning reserve. It also provides the perfect introduction to Puerto Rico's Indian cultural heritage. Surrounded by mountains and covering an area of 101 km squared, Jayuya is certainly worth a visit.

  • Museo Del Indio

    If you have been around the island and discovered some of the amazing Taino Indian treasures that can be found here, your curiosity for this people and its culture has likely grown. Who were these people and how did they live? Were they the only inhabitants of the island or were there others? Did they communicate with other tribes from surrounding islands and with those from the mainland? ...

  • Luquillo

    There are a host of fantastic tourist destinations in Puerto Rico, and Luquillo is a favorite of the many visitors to this lovely island – especially during the holiday season when its many beautiful beaches come alive with activity.