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    There are approximately thirteen bat species in Puerto Rico including the Parnell’s moustached bat, big brown and red bat, the Mexican bulldog bat (fishing bat), the Antillean ghost-faced bat, Mexican free-tailed bat and the Jamaican fruit-eating bat. Of these thirteen species of bat, seven of them eat mainly insects, one variety lives on nectar alone, one species eats fish and the other ...

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    Antillean Manatee

    If you’ve ever seen the oddly graceful manatee make its way through water you might well be captivated by these unusual creatures. This delightful aquatic mammal belongs to the Sirenia mammalian order and is often grouped together with Dugongs and the now extinct Steller’s Sea Cow. As such, they are often referred to as sea cows but this is in fact incorrect. The Antillean Manatee ...