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    Boqueron Bird Refuge

    Boqueron is a fishing village that is only three miles away from the bay. It is normally full of locals and tourists since it is a great vacation spot. The bay is beautiful with miles of palm-lined beaches full of coconuts. The waters are so clear that you can easily see the stunning varieties of coral that lie beneath the surface. This is the stuff dreams are made of. This lengthy stretch ...

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    Tortuguero Lagoon Reserve

    If you are looking for a little something different to do while visiting Puerto Rico, look no further than the Tortuguero Lagoon Nature Reserve. While most nature reserves in the area focus on forest or coastal shrub, the Tortuguero Lagoon Nature Reserve serves to protect this beautiful fresh water lagoon. Laguna Tortuguero is Puerto Rico’s largest natural body of fresh water and as such, it ...