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  • Antillean Manatee

    If you’ve ever seen the oddly graceful manatee make its way through water you might well be captivated by these unusual creatures. This delightful aquatic mammal belongs to the Sirenia mammalian order and is often grouped together with Dugongs and the now extinct Steller’s Sea Cow. As such, they are often referred to as sea cows but this is in fact incorrect. The Antillean Manatee ...

  • Manati

    The city of Manati was founded in the year 1738. It was established by Don Pedro Menendez and is also known by the names "La Atenas de Puerto Rico" and "La Ciudad Metropolitana". This destination in Puerto Rico, as with many other cities and towns, survived a very turbulent history and has grown to be a city that is 120 square kilometers in size and home to approximately 40 000 residents.

  • Punta Ballena Reserve

    If you are looking for an escape from the usual hustle and bustle of life or you want to spend some time getting better acquainted with Puerto Rico's natural beauty, then Punta Ballena Reserve is for you. Puerto Rico boasts an abundance of varied habitats and a wonderful selection of wildlife inhabits the country's protected areas. Punta Ballena Reserve is certainly no exception. Its ...