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  • Sights

    San Cristobal Canyon

    Located between the towns of Aibonito and Barranquitas, the picturesque San Cristobal Canyon cuts its way dramatically through the Central Cordillera Mountains. This is Puerto Rico’s only canyon and is a very popular hiking destination. The canyon is nine kilometers in length, with its deepest point being around 150 meters, and has the Usabon River flowing through it. Diverse vegetation ...

  • La Montaňa (Central)


    When Caguas was first founded in 1775, it was called San Sebastián del Piñal de Caguax after Caguax, a local Indian chief. Today, Caguas is referred to by a number of names, which includes La Ciudad Del Turabo (Turabo city), El Corazón de boriquén (Boriquén's heart) and La Ciudad Criolla (Criole city). Caguas has a population of about 140, 500 people.

  • La Montaňa (Central)


    Aibonito is a small town situated near to the Cayey mountain range located on the island of Puerto Rico. The town was first founded on the 13th of March 1824. Aibonito can be found at a height of 2,401 feet or at 731 meters above the mean sea level and is considered to have one of the highest town squares in Puerto Rico. Other mountains that Aibonito is near to include Asomante, which is at ...

  • La Montaňa (Central)

    Aguas Buenas

    Aguas Buenas is a town in Puerto Rico that is commonly known as "La Ciudad de las Aguas Claras" or "the city of clear (good) waters". This is an apt name for Aguas Buenas, a town known for its fresh water springs, which produce pure, clean water for the local people living here. Fancisco Salas founded Aguas Buenas on May 25, 1838.

  • Porta Caribe (South)


    If you are planning to spend some time in Puerto Rico but do not enjoy hot or humid weather, you might want to consider spending some time in Adjuntas. Also known as ‘La Suiza de Puerto Rico’ – which means ‘the Switzerland of Puerto Rico' – this little town has gained its reputation because it has much lower average temperatures than most other towns in Puerto Rico. The town is situated in ...

  • Travel


    If you are planning a trip to Puerto Rico soon, you may well want to find out what the weather is like before you start packing. That way you will have a good idea of what to pack according to what time of the year you are planning your trip, as well as according the particular location that you are planning to spend the majority of your time in. Like with most countries, the weather in ...

  • Reserves

    Maricao Forest Reserve

    The Maricao Forest Reserve is situated in the western regions of Puerto Rico in the Cordillera Central mountain range. The Maricao Forest is one of a few forest nature reserves in Puerto Rico. It was acquisitioned in 1919, followed by Monte Guilarte in 1935 and Toro Negro in 1960. It has a great landscape that is diverse in flora due to the varied soil types found here and tree species. ...

  • La Montaňa (Central)


    The city of Gurabo was founded in 1815 by Luis Del Carmen Echevarria and is also known as Pueblo de Las Escaleras. This alternative name means "City of Stairs", as most of the city was, and in some parts still is, only accessible by the stairways that were carved into the mountain. Visitors must therefore be prepared to climb a few stairs instead of catching a taxi to all destinations. The ...