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  • Sights

    Rafael Hernandez Monument

    If you walk around the central plaza of Aguadilla you will find an interesting statue of a man on top of a circular platform. This is the Rafael Hernandez Monument and it depicts the world-famous composer Rafael Hernandez-Marin. Hernandez was considered to be one of the most important Puerto Rican musicians to emerge in the 20th century. His influence spread across the globe and today his ...

  • Eastern Region


    Nowhere in Puerto Rico is there a more cultural and traditional destination than Loiza. It is a town that was neglected for many years, but as tourists began to discover the rich heritage and hypnotic atmosphere of Loiza, this destination in Puerto Rico began to enjoy a new lease on life. Although many residents of Loiza live in poverty, their untamed spirit for life and their appreciation ...

  • Reference


    Education in Puerto Rico is viewed as important and is therefore compulsory for students between the ages of six and seventeen years. During Spanish rule education was restricted to Christian subjects and there were relatively few books available in Puerto Rico. It became compulsory for students to learn English in the early twentieth century and English remains part of the curriculum today.

  • Culture

    Over the course of Puerto Rico's history the country has been strongly influenced by a number of different cultures. The strongest of these were Spanish and Western, but there are also a number of other cultures which have been merged with these to provide a culture which is unique to Puerto Rico.Today you will find that not only do the inhabitants of this island enjoy a wonderfully rich ...

  • Culture


    The music of Puerto Rico bears strong African and European influences but enjoys a distinct flavor that is pure Puerto Rican. Its popularity is widespread and it can be heard across the Caribbean and sometimes in various communities across the globe. Popular genres include ‘bomba’, ‘plena’ and ‘reggaeton’, though many different music genres exist.

  • Reference


    There are quite a few radio stations operating in Puerto Rico. Most of them are based in San Juan though you may find you are able to tune into a few small local stations at various points on the island. Local radio stations cover a very broad range of music genres and preferences such as rock, Latin and the top 40 or even a mixture of all three. It is possible to tune into them on the ...

  • Events

    Puerto Rico is a vibrant land filled with color and energy. Exciting events and celebrations are held throughout the year. You can join in the festivities - whether they are a local or regional fair, art festival, theatrical production or a gallery exhibit - and have the time of your life.There are a number of Patron Saint Festivals or Fiestas Patronales held in Puerto Rico each year. ...

  • Museums

    Pablo Casals Museum

    If you are a keen supporter of classical music you will definitely want to stop at the Pablo Casals Museum or Museo de Casals in Puerto Rico. The Museum, which is centered on musical instruments, can be found in San Jose Plaza in Old San Juan in a building that dates back to the 18th century. The museum is devoted to the famous Spanish cellist Pablo Casals who passed away in the early 1970's ...

  • Theaters

    Teatro La Perla

    Ponce is a lovely city in Puerto Rico filled with opportunities for sightseeing, dining and entertainment. If you are looking for something to do in the evening and the clubs don't appeal to you, then make your way to the Teatro la Perla. Known as the Pearl Theatre in English, Ponce's Teatro la Perla is housed in a stunning neoclassical structure and hosts a number of brilliant performances ...