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  • Sights

    Arecibo Lighthouse

    If you are only going to visit one historical attraction while visiting Puerto Rico, it has to be the Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park. This great historical attraction is designed to be interesting to both children and adults and it takes the form of a cultural theme park that provides insight into five different aspects of Puerto Rico’s history. All in all, it will take visitors on a ...

  • Reference


    The island of Puerto Rico was first discovered by the famed Christopher Columbus. He found it quite by accident while looking for land to rest on and get new supplies of fruit and water. The crew walked onto the island on 19 November 1493. Christopher Columbus named the island San Juan Bautista. No-one came back to island for many years, but fifteen years later Juan Ponce de Leon would bring ...

  • Porta del Sol (West)


    Quebradillas is known for the many streams that run through the town and it also enjoys close proximity to about twenty designated forest reserves. The town is sometimes called "La Guarida del Pirata", which means "The Pirate's Hideout", because of the fact that the town was a known Pirate hidey-hole many centuries ago. Today the strongest proof of this fact is a structure that can be found ...

  • Museums

    San Juan Art History

    San Juan is not only Puerto Rico’s largest city; it’s also one of its oldest and most historic. Old San Juan offers visitors a chance to go back in time and imagine what life would have been like on this Caribbean Island a few hundred years ago in the days of pirates, wooden ships and fair maidens. It’s an intriguing look into the past that will leave you wanting to learn more about this ...