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  • Radisson Ambassador Plaza Hotel & Casino

    San Juan is a beautiful city filled with historical attractions, beautiful locations and plenty of entertainment. If you enjoy gambling from time to time and are looking for a top class hotel, you may well want to visit the Radisson Ambassador Plaza Hotel & Casino. This destination combines location with luxury for a wonderful vacation experience.

  • Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino

    Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Condado Lagoon, the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino, located on San Juan’s popular Condado Strip, offers guests the ultimate in luxury and hospitality, along with breathtaking views of both the Condado Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. This world-class hotel is conveniently located close to San Juan’s most vibrant business district, as well as ...

  • Maricao

    Situated on the western edge of Puerto Rico’s mountains, Maricao is a small town with a small population. In fact, it has the second lowest population in Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, it is an appealing little town, built in rather hilly terrain and centered around a small but attractive plaza. Despite the diminutive size of the municipality, it is divided into fifteen different wards. The ...

  • Trujillo Alto

    Trujillo Alto was named after its founding father, Alonso de Trujillo. He established the town on 8 January 1801 to the south east of San Juan on the Northern Coastal Plain. As with many Puerto Rican towns and cities, Trujillo Alto was also afforded a nickname amongst the locals. It is known as “El Pueblo de los Arrecostaos”, meaning "the Laid Back Town". And the name alone should convince ...

  • Old San Juan

    It is easy to imagine that you have been transported back in time when you walk the streets of Old San Juan. As your shoes clatter away on bluish cobble-stone streets it is not hard to imagine elegantly clad men and women gracing the balconies or walking beside you. Old San Juan was originally built to act as a military stronghold. Though the sturdy old military fortifications still stand, ...

  • La Rogativa

    When you visit San Juan, one of the delightful cities in Puerto Rico, take the time to visit the historical site of Plazuela de la Rogativa. Also know as the Plaza of the Religious Procession, this is where you will see four gleaming bronze statues of a bishop and three women in a procession. This is something all tourists visiting the area should have on their itinerary as one of the top ...

  • El Morro

    Standing in the city of San Juan is a truly impressive six-level castle fortress designed to guard the city from seaward attacks. Known as El Morro, this impenetrable fort is also referred to as Castillo de San Felipe de Morro and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1933. Visiting this outstanding architectural feat is certainly an experience you won't want to miss.

  • Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center

    The Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center, or the Centro Ceremonial Inígena de Tibes, can be found 3.2 km from Ponce, Puerto Rico bordered by Río Portuguéz. If you are interested in learning about the tribal history of the native people that occupied the area hundreds of years ago then you will really enjoy the Ceremonial Center, which contains part of a 1,500-year-old re-created Taíno village.