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  • Porta Caribe (South)


    In 1755 Fernando Pacheco approached the Crown for permission to establish a town in the southeastern region that was known as Coayuco. This area had been inhabited by indigenous tribes for many years - long before Juan Ponce de Leon invaded the island of Puerto Rico in the year 1508. On 29 February 1756 permission was granted for the establishment of the town and Yauco was founded. Some ...

  • Northern Region


    The city of Manati was founded in the year 1738. It was established by Don Pedro Menendez and is also known by the names "La Atenas de Puerto Rico" and "La Ciudad Metropolitana". This destination in Puerto Rico, as with many other cities and towns, survived a very turbulent history and has grown to be a city that is 120 square kilometers in size and home to approximately 40 000 residents.

  • Museums

    Casa Blanca Museum

    The Casa Blanca Museum is the oldest museum in Puerto Rico and considered to be of great historic value. Casa Blanca overshadows many of the other attractions in Puerto Rico due to its rich and interesting history and a name that inspires romantic visions of brave knights on their trusted steeds and undying love. Casa Blanca, or White House, is built on a piece of land that was first ...

  • Sights

    Christopher Columbus Statue

    Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, which is in Italy, in 1451. He was a famous explorer and adventurer who was responsible for the discovery of America and Puerto Rico. It was on his second voyage that Christopher Columbus landed on the island that he named San Juan Bautista, or St. John the Baptist, with a fleet of seventeen ships on 3 November 1493. Juan Ponce de Leon was with ...

  • Sights

    San Juan Cathedral

    Situated in Cristo Street in San Juan, the San Juan Cathedral is a fascinating architectural wonder of great religious importance to people in the area. Also known as Catedral de San Juan Bautista, the church stands before the Plazuela de Las Monjas. This attraction in Puerto Rico is both religiously and historically interesting. Why not visit and find out why for yourself?

  • Sights

    Caparra Ruins

    Juan Ponce de Leon came to Puerto Rico in 1508. He soon established the very first Puerto Rican settlement named 'Caparra'. Ponce de Leon effortlessly conquered the island due to the naïve friendliness and childlike innocence of the Taino that inhabited the island. They were forced to build and mine under the rule of Ponce de Leon, who was appointed Governor by the Spanish Crown in 1509. The ...

  • Sights

    Statue Ponce De Leon

    At the Plaza de San Josem you will find a statue of the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon overlooking the El Morro Fortress. The statue was first created in New York in 1882 using bronze collected from English canons that were salvaged when the English attacked San Juan in 1792. De Leon was born in 1460 in Santervás de Campos and died in 1521. He was also recognized for his contributions as a ...