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  • Mercedita

    Mercedita, located to the east of the central business district of Ponce in Puerto Rico, is home to the Ponce campus of the Inter American University and a variety of hotels primarily servicing the business district, as well as the Mercedita Airport.

  • Porta Caribe (South)

    The Porta Caribe Region of Puerto Rico has much to offer tourists, including delightful attractions, top destinations and abundant activities. Located in the South of Puerto Rico you will find Ponce, which is geared up to welcome tourists with many places of interest to visit, such as the Serralles Castle, the Ponce Museum of Art, Hacienda Buena Vista and the Serralles Rum Distillery.

  • Yauco

    In 1755 Fernando Pacheco approached the Crown for permission to establish a town in the southeastern region that was known as Coayuco. This area had been inhabited by indigenous tribes for many years - long before Juan Ponce de Leon invaded the island of Puerto Rico in the year 1508. On 29 February 1756 permission was granted for the establishment of the town and Yauco was founded. Some ...

  • Penuelas

    A journey east of San Juan for about two hours will have you arrive at Peñuelas, a small town in Puerto Rico. The town is located on the southern coast of the island and is bordered by the exquisite blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Peñuelas is home to almost 30 000 people and it covers approximately 114 square kilometers of land. The municipality is divided into 12 wards with Peñuelas ...

  • Coamo

    Founded on 15 July 1570, Coamo is one of the oldest settlements in Puerto Rico. By the year 1582, twenty families had established themselves in the city, which was then known as San Blas de Illescas, and it received its status as a town by 1616. Today the city is 200 square kilometers in size and its population is estimated to be have around 37 500 people. The Taíno Indians used to bathe in ...

  • Jayuya

    Located beside the impressive Toro Negro Forest Reserve of Puerto Rico is the town of Jayuya. This fascinating town provides a marvelous gateway into this stunning reserve. It also provides the perfect introduction to Puerto Rico's Indian cultural heritage. Surrounded by mountains and covering an area of 101 km squared, Jayuya is certainly worth a visit.

  • Guayanilla

    Guayanilla, located along the southern coast of Puerto Rico, lies just 20 km to the west of the city of Ponce. Also referred to as “El Pueblo que Corre en Yegua”, Guayanilla covers a land area of about 109 square kilometers. Guayanilla has a population of about 27 000 individuals and is spread out over about 17 wards.

  • Adjuntas

    If you are planning to spend some time in Puerto Rico but do not enjoy hot or humid weather, you might want to consider spending some time in Adjuntas. Also known as ‘La Suiza de Puerto Rico’ – which means ‘the Switzerland of Puerto Rico' – this little town has gained its reputation because it has much lower average temperatures than most other towns in Puerto Rico. The town is situated in ...

  • Salinas

    Salinas was founded by Agustín Colón Pacheco in 1841, and the city is commonly known as "La Cuna del Mojito Isleño". Salinas is a small municipality made up of about 30,000 "Salinenses", and is located on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, is just over an hour drive at approximately 53.4 miles away.

  • Patillas

    If you are looking for peace and tranquility in a stunning natural setting, Patillas is the place to go. Situated only one and a half hours away from San Juan, this natural beauty has more to offer than just oranges.