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    Quebradillas is known for the many streams that run through the town and it also enjoys close proximity to about twenty designated forest reserves. The town is sometimes called "La Guarida del Pirata", which means "The Pirate's Hideout", because of the fact that the town was a known Pirate hidey-hole many centuries ago. Today the strongest proof of this fact is a structure that can be found ...

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    Rincon has many interesting things to discover and has a very relaxed casual feel to it. It is a wonderful and secluded beach town that has allowed time and the troubles of the world to pass it by. This wonderful place is filled with a number of delightful sights and the sounds of friendly people.The beaches of Rincon, such as Rincon Bay Beach, allow both tourists and locals to enjoy ...

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    Aguadilla was founded in 1775 by Luis de Cordova. It is also known as La Villa de Ojo de Agua, which means village of the eye of water. Aguadilla is best known for its high peaks, beaches, surfing and for their traditional bobbin lace making. Aguadilla has a few awesome surf spots that include Crash Boat, which is famous for its clear waters, Gas Chambers, and Wilderness.

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    Cabo Rojo

    Cabo Rojo is the ideal beach vacation destination. This top spot attracts both locals and international visitors, offering an abundance of things to do and places to stay.

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    Mayaguez is a lively city with many attractions that will not fail to entertain even the most adventurous people. The city is home to the Juan Rivero Zoo and some beautiful parks with fountains that are blanketed in breathtaking plants and trees, that can also be explored at the Tropical Agricultural Research Station. There is no better place to soak up Puerto Rico's culture and heritage ...

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    If you are considering traveling to another country, you might well consider Puerto Rico as the ideal destination. Flights are constant and accessible and there are many vacation packages set up to cater for various needs.

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    San German

    The second oldest city of Puerto Rico, San Germán was officially founded by the Spaniards in 1512. Known for its elegance, San Germán is brimming with wonderfully detailed Spanish architecture. In San Germán the people are proud of their heritage and this is expressed by the immaculate condition of their buildings and the long held local customs still practiced in the city. You too can ...