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  • La Montaňa (Central)


    Just east of central Puerto Rico you will find a little city by the name of Comerio. Locals like to call this charming place ‘La Perla de Plata’ – which basically means ‘the pearl of the Plata’. Comerio is set in a geographically beautiful area with two rivers – the Rio Hondo Arroata and La Plata – running through it. If the nickname is anything to go by, Comerio must be one of the most ...

  • Eastern Region

    San Lorenzo

    Situated in the eastern region of Puerto Rico, San Lorenzo is an interesting municipality spread out over ten different wards. The city center and administrative downtown area is known as San Lorenzo Pueblo and it is here that the average visitor starts their tour of San Lorenzo. This fascinating little Puerto Rican town is not first on everyone’s list of things to see but it certainly ...

  • La Montaňa (Central)


    If you are planning to visit some of the lesser known towns and regions of Puerto Rico, why not plan to spend a few hours in Morovis? Puerto Rico is divided into several municipalities, each of which covers a number of wards within its territory. Morovis is located in the central part of Puerto Rico and is spread over thirteen different wards. The administrative center of the city is known ...