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    Ermita Espinar Ruins

    If you visit Puerto Rico you simply have to try and spend at least some time in the city of Aguada. Reported to be the place where Christopher Columbus landed when he discovered this great island, this city is filled with fascinating attractions. One of Aguada’s more notable attractions is the Ermita Espinar Ruins. The history behind this small attraction is quite interesting and really ...

  • Northern Region

    Trujillo Alto

    Trujillo Alto was named after its founding father, Alonso de Trujillo. He established the town on 8 January 1801 to the south east of San Juan on the Northern Coastal Plain. As with many Puerto Rican towns and cities, Trujillo Alto was also afforded a nickname amongst the locals. It is known as “El Pueblo de los Arrecostaos”, meaning "the Laid Back Town". And the name alone should convince ...

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    We have collected some "Fast Facts" about Puerto Rico's culture, society and geography to better acquaint you with this island paradise.

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    Puerto Rico is an island that's constitution allows all adherents to practice their faith freely with no fear of interference. This has helped to make Puerto Rico an inter-confessional country. There are many religions on the island, but the two main religions in Puerto Rico which are practiced are the Catholic faith, which holds the majority with 85% of the population, and the Protestant ...

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    Over the centuries Puerto Rico has become an island populated by many different ethnic groups who all have their own languages, cultures, religions and so on. As a whole Puerto Rico is comprised mainly of people from a Creole or Spanish descent, as well as other European countries, with small groups of African and Asian people.Statistics taken from the 2006 census shows that 80.5% of ...