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  • Fish

    Puerto Rico is home to an abundance of freshwater and saltwater fish, both native and introduced. These can be found in the natural lakes, man-made lakes, rivers and seas of Puerto Rico. Why not spend the day snorkeling in Puerto Rico's waters to discover the various fish species. With such an abundance and variety of fish, it is no wonder that fishing in Puerto Rico is a popular activity.

  • Vega Baja

    Vega-baja del Naranjal de Nuestra Senora Del Rosari, commonly known as Antonio Viera, founded the town of Vega Baja (pronounced VAI-gah BAH-hah) on the 3rd of October 1776. Since then, Vega Baja has become a thriving city with a population of over 63 355. It is also known as the ‘syrup city’ or ‘La Ciudad del Melao Melao’ because of the harvests of sugar cane and pineapples that are enjoyed here.

  • Juana Diaz

    This historic town began in 1592 as a village on the shores of the Jacaguas. Prior to this, in 1582, Dona Juana Diaz’s husband was killed along with many of the other residents in this area. The deaths were due to the continuous attacks made by the local Caribe Indians. It was around this time that a number of farms were created in the area by royal decree. These early farmers were to ...