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  • Sights

    Bacardi Rum Plant

    There are few people in the world who haven’t heard of Bacardi Rum. This internationally known drink is made by the world’s largest privately owned spirits company. Bacardi sells more than 200 million bottles of Bacardi every year and supplies Bacardi Rum to roughly 200 different countries across the globe. If you have ever wondered how this great rum is made, you might want to take a tour ...

  • Porta del Sol (West)


    Añasco is a city located on the island of Puerto Rico. It is situated near the west coast of the island and was named after Don Luis de Añasco. Añasco also borders the Mona Passage, which is a strait seperating Puerto Rico from the Hispaniola island. North of Añasco is Las Marias and Mayagüez; south of the city is Moca, Rincón and Aguada; and west of Añasco is Las Marias and San Sebastián. ...

  • Museums

    Castillo Serralles Museum

    El Museo Castillo Serrallès, also known as the Castillo Serralles or Serralles Castle, was constructed in the 1930’s on El Vigia Hill that over looks the entire city of Ponce. It was on this hill that scouts often used to perch themselves to look out for ships that might attack the city. Juan Serralles founded Serralles Distillers who was responsible for the making of the famous Don Q Rum. ...

  • Sights

    Cruz Del Vigia

    There are few attractions in Puerto Rico that can mirror the spectacular scope of scenery which is found at Cruz Del Vigía. This great lookout spot is often combined with tours to the Museo Castillo Serrallés and the two make for a great morning or afternoon outing. You might want to plan a picnic lunch to enjoy from the hillside too as there are few places in Puerto Rico that make a better ...