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  • San Cristobal Canyon

    Located between the towns of Aibonito and Barranquitas, the picturesque San Cristobal Canyon cuts its way dramatically through the Central Cordillera Mountains. This is Puerto Rico’s only canyon and is a very popular hiking destination. The canyon is nine kilometers in length, with its deepest point being around 150 meters, and has the Usabon River flowing through it. Diverse vegetation ...

  • Marquesa Canopy Tour

    If you’re looking for a new and exciting perspective on the wonders of nature, you should definitely head out to the La Marquesa Forest Reserve in Puerto Rico. The Original Canopy Tour Company has launched a canopy tour at this fantastic location that will have you up close and personal with all flora and fauna. The Marquesa Canopy Tour will give you a new perspective on life.

  • Puerto Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay

    The Puerto Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, is a fascinating natural phenomenon which is quite rare, and absolutely spectacular. A visit to this popular attraction gives new meaning to the term “night life”, as the waters of the bay glow blue-green with every movement. Fish and other sea creatures appear to glow as they make their way through the waters. ...

  • Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden

    Caguas is home to a rather unique theme park known locally as the Jardin Botanico y Cultural de Caguas (Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden). The park’s main goal is to educate and inform the public about the way that certain facets of Puerto Rican culture are related to nature and tropical agriculture. It also explores the fascinating history of the area.

  • Laguna Grande

    Visitors to Laguna Grande never fail to be amazed at the unique after-dark spectacle provided by this tropical bioluminescent lagoon as the water - or more specifically, the millions of dinoflagellates in the water - light up and glow in response to the slightest disturbance. Located on the east coast of Puerto Rico, in the municipality of Fajardo, the magnificent Laguna Grande is one of the ...

  • International Speedway

    The Puerto Rico International Speedway (PRIS) was built to organize, support and promote motor racing on the island. The Puerto Rico Speedway consists of two circuit tracks of which one is 1.2 miles long and the other is 1.8 miles long. There are also two straight tracks: one is 1/4 miles and the other is 1/8 mile long.

  • Asilo De Beneficencia

    Asilo de Beneficencia is known in English as the “Home for the Poor” or “The Asylum of Charity”. Asilo de Beneficencia was built in 1840 for the purpose of helping poverty-stricken people. The building is situated in San Juan, the capital city on the island of Puerto Rico.

  • Mayaguez Zoo

    The Mayaguez Zoo is managed by the Compañia of Parques Nacionales and is situated a short distance away from Cabo Rojo. This 45-acre tropical zoo provides you and your family with the opportunity to see the animal and bird life found in Puerto Rico up close and on a more personal basis.

  • Montoso Gardens

    If you love all things botanical and have a special interest in tropical plants, you simply have to visit the Montoso Gardens in Puerto Rico. This 90 acre (36 hectare) botanical garden features more than 600 different species of exotic tropical flowers, fruits, nuts, palms and spices. It includes a fruit farm and a nursery, as well as a natural tropical forest.

  • Hacienda La Esperanza

    Hacienda La Esperanza is an estate located in the rich farmland of Río Grande de Manatí located approximately 30 miles west of San Juan. When travelling San Juan, and if you are looking for a place to enjoy nature and true peace and tranquility, then plan a day trip to the Hacienda la Esperanza. The name ‘Hacienda la Esperanza’ can be loosely translated as ‘the place of hope’ and it truly ...