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  • Sights

    Count Of Mirasol Fort

    The Count of Mirasol Fort (El Fortin Conde de Mirasol) is situated on top of a hill in Vieques, which is an island-municipality of Puerto Rico. The Fort has a great view of Isabel Segunda, a district of the island named after Queen Isabel II.

  • Eastern Region


    The town of Canovanas is known by three different names to locals. It is often referred to as "La Cuna de los Indios", meaning "Indian Cradle". This is because of the large population of Indian and African slaves that arrived and settled here. The second name, "La Ciudad de las Carreras", means "Race Horse Town". Since 1972, Canovanas has been home to the only horse racetrack in Puerto Rico, ...

  • Reference


    Puerto Rico's official languages are Spanish and English. Spanish is by far the most widely spoken language in Puerto Rico and visitors to the country who speak the language are more readily accepted. Approximately a quarter of Puerto Rico's population can communicate in English which is mostly spoken in the major tourist sections of Puerto Rico.

  • San Juan and Metro Region

    Old San Juan

    It is easy to imagine that you have been transported back in time when you walk the streets of Old San Juan. As your shoes clatter away on bluish cobble-stone streets it is not hard to imagine elegantly clad men and women gracing the balconies or walking beside you. Old San Juan was originally built to act as a military stronghold. Though the sturdy old military fortifications still stand, ...

  • Porta del Sol (West)


    Rincon has many interesting things to discover and has a very relaxed casual feel to it. It is a wonderful and secluded beach town that has allowed time and the troubles of the world to pass it by. This wonderful place is filled with a number of delightful sights and the sounds of friendly people.The beaches of Rincon, such as Rincon Bay Beach, allow both tourists and locals to enjoy ...

  • Culture


    As with most of Puerto Rico's culture, the country's cuisine reflects strong Taino, Spanish, African and American influences. Locally known as Cocina Criolla or Creole Cooking, Puerto Rican traditional cuisine can be traced back to the original inhabitants of the land who feasted on fruit, corn and freshly caught seafood. Later, when Columbus arrived on the scene in 1493, other meat, rice, ...

  • Reference


    When you examine the architecture in Puerto Rico, it's clear to see the strong Spanish influence of its history coming through. The narrow, winding, cobblestone roads are reminiscent of Andalusia, South of Spain. San Juan is said to be home to over 400 historic sites ranging from examples of classic architecture and old military power.Puerto Rico houses some of the most interesting 16th ...

  • Attractions


    As the sun sets over the beautiful blue Caribbean waters it is likely that you will be ready to experience some spectacular Puerto Rican cuisine after a day of activity. This is the time of day that you make your way towards one of the many superb restaurants available in Puerto Rico.Puerto Rico has a lot of variety - so you will find ...

  • Reference


    There are a number of newspapers that are circulated in Puerto Rico. If you are looking for information on local events, weather forecasts or airport times, the local newspapers are one of the easiest ways to find out what is going on. Local newspapers also provide useful information on shopping bargains, accommodation, resorts and property. Movies, live shows and cultural events are also ...

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    There are quite a few radio stations operating in Puerto Rico. Most of them are based in San Juan though you may find you are able to tune into a few small local stations at various points on the island. Local radio stations cover a very broad range of music genres and preferences such as rock, Latin and the top 40 or even a mixture of all three. It is possible to tune into them on the ...