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  • Northern Region

    Toa Baja

    Just fifteen minutes from San Juan, and about a one hour's drive from Ponce, visitors will find Toa Baja. It is also easily accessible from Dorado, Toa Alta and Catano and is divided into ten districts. The districts are named Levittown, Sabana Seco, Campanillas, Covadonga, Pajaros, Candelaria, Palo Seco, Media Luna, Ingenio and Macun. It is here that you will find the municipality for the ...

  • Porta Caribe (South)

    Juana Diaz

    This historic town began in 1592 as a village on the shores of the Jacaguas. Prior to this, in 1582, Dona Juana Diaz’s husband was killed along with many of the other residents in this area. The deaths were due to the continuous attacks made by the local Caribe Indians. It was around this time that a number of farms were created in the area by royal decree. These early farmers were to ...