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  • Theaters

    Puerto Rico boasts a bustling nightlife. While some head to clubs and beach parties, many people enjoy watching performances at local Puerto Rican theatres while holidaying in the country. There are many different genres to choose from, including contemporary performing arts, ballet, comedy and tragedy.

  • Del Parque Theatre

    Puerto Rico is home to a number of top theaters that provide compelling performances with their own local flair. From ballet to musical productions, culture vultures will be impressed with the options.

  • Luis A Ferre Performing Arts

    If you are a theatre buff then you simply have to catch a few performances at the Luis A. Ferrè Performing Arts Center in Puerto Rico. Also known as the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferrè (CBA), the center is designed for multiple use and it features three main halls where various performing arts can be enjoyed by the general public. The center is located in Ponce de León Ave in Santurce, ...

  • Munoz Marin Amphitheater

    If you are a lover of theatre or music, you may have had already had the opportunity of enjoying either of these spectacles in an outdoor theatre. The concept of outdoor theatres certainly isn’t new and traditionally these venues have been used during the hottest months of the year when the weather is generally good and people are able to make good use of outdoor venues. The same can be said ...

  • Teatro La Perla

    Ponce is a lovely city in Puerto Rico filled with opportunities for sightseeing, dining and entertainment. If you are looking for something to do in the evening and the clubs don't appeal to you, then make your way to the Teatro la Perla. Known as the Pearl Theatre in English, Ponce's Teatro la Perla is housed in a stunning neoclassical structure and hosts a number of brilliant performances ...

  • Teatro Tapia

    If you are a theatre buff, you simply have to take in a performance at the Teatro Tapia. Located on Fortaleza Street in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this stunning theatre is possibly the oldest freestanding theatre stage building that is still in use in the United States. The building was erected in 1824 and takes the form of a horseshoe-shaped opera house. There are three tiers of original or ...

  • Teatro Yaguez

    Teatro Yaguez stands proudly in the city of Mayaguez. Established back in 1909, this remarkable theatre has served as a center of culture and performing arts for many years. The structure that houses the Teatro Yaguez is itself an architectural masterpiece. This theatre is well worth a visit - both for its historical significance and its exceptional performances.