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    Jobos Bay Reserve

    The Jobos Bay Reserve, or Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, covers an area of 2 883 acres that includes mangroves and wetlands. It is also one of the largest estuarine reserves on the island and it therefore amongst the most important nature reserves in Puerto Rico. Jobos Bay Reserve was once home to the Taino Indians and the Arciaco Indians and archaeological sites are ...

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    La Cordillera Nature Reserve

    For many people half of the allure of visiting Puerto Rico is that of enjoying beautiful white sandy beaches and the warm azure waters of the Caribbean. If you enjoy nature you can combine both these elements by taking a trip to the La Cordillera Nature Reserve (Reserva Natural La Cordillera). The reserve encompasses a string of roughly ten different islands that are wonderful to explore. ...

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    Pinones Reserve

    Despite the fact that Puerto Rico is an island with a sizable population, there are a number of great nature reserves to be found here. The Piñones Reserve is one such protected area that is perfect for an afternoon’s distraction. Operated by the Department of Natural Resources, which is a government department, the reserve covers large areas of subtropical forest, mangrove swamp and beach. ...