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    Bravo Beach Hotel

    Located on the North Shore Road outside Isabel Segunda on Puerto Rico’s charming island of Vieques, the Bravo Beach Hotel offers nine beautifully renovated rooms, most of which are a mere 30 feet away from the white sandy beach, with stunning views of mainland Puerto Rico and the island of Culebra. In addition to these rooms, the hotel has a spacious two-bedroom villa which is perfect for ...

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    Rental Car

    The island of Puerto Rico is filled with splendid destinations and endless opportunities for fun and entertainment. From the historical features of San Juan and Ponce, to the sparkling Rincon Bay beach, Puerto Rico is ideal for vacationers. One way to explore the wonders of Puerto Rico is by renting a car

  • Beaches

    Luquillo Beach

    Luquillo Beach is one of Puerto Rico's most famous and most visited tourist attractions. The view from the beach is spectacular. It features a long gold crescent of sand lined by innumerable coconut palms with the hazy mountains of the rainforest soaring in the distance.

  • Beaches

    Cana Gorda

    The Caña Gorda Public Beach is a favorite among locals. Many Puerto Ricans own summer homes here and in the vacation months they can be seen enjoying the beautiful, quiet waters of the bay. House boats are a common sight in the emerald waters and you'll likely feel instantly at home on the warm coral beaches.

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    Tours in Puerto Rico have something for everybody and include walking tours, golf tours, scuba diving tours as well as custom travel tour packages that are only limited by the visitor's imagination.

  • Activities

    Boat Charter

    Puerto Rico is a stunning island with many sparkling waterways. From lakes and rivers right out to the sea, Puerto Rico's waters provide many opportunities for fun-filled activities. One such popular activity is boat chartering in Puerto Rico. There are numerous companies which offer yacht charter in Puerto Rico and you are certain to have a wonderful time navigating yourself to some of the ...

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    Health Spas

    Vacations are all about adventure, fun and excitement. Although your vacation in Puerto Rico may be filled with activities such as hiking, swimming, touring and so forth, the time will come when you will just want to relax. Indeed many view vacations as a great way to escape the usual bustle of life and to be refreshed. Health spas in Puerto Rico offer the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Courses

    Westin Rio Mar Golf Resort

    Encompassing a large portion of Puerto Rico's north-east shoreline is the exquisite Westin Rio Mar Beach Golf Resort and Spa. This premier vacation destination and golf resort is set along a stunning Caribbean beach with the backdrop of vegetation-covered mountains. Two stunning golf courses offer patrons an amazing challenge in a spectacular setting. So for the golfing vacation of a life ...

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    Puerto Rico is a magical vacation destination, filled with natural wonders, historical intrigue, festivals and plenty of good times. Adding to the delight of a vacation here are the many wonderful hotels in Puerto Rico. From cheap hotels to luxury accommodation, Puerto Rico offers a wide variety of options.