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  • La Montaňa (Central)


    If you have the time to travel around Puerto Rico when you visit this beautiful island country, you may come across a city by the name of Corozal. The city is situated north east of the center of the island and it takes its name from the ‘palma de corozo’ (Acrocomia media) which grows abundantly in the region. The city is mid-sized, being home to more than 36,000 people, and it covers an ...

  • La Montaňa (Central)


    Braulio Morales founded the municipality of Naranjito in 1824. The name Naranjito comes from the orange tree, one of the many popular fruit trees grown throughout this area. Naranjito is located in the innermost part of Puerto Rico and covers fifteen different districts. The names of some of the districts situated in the Naranjito region are Achiote, Guadiana, Nuevo, Cedro Arriba, Anones, ...