Tag: world heritage

  • Vega Baja

    Vega-baja del Naranjal de Nuestra Senora Del Rosari, commonly known as Antonio Viera, founded the town of Vega Baja (pronounced VAI-gah BAH-hah) on the 3rd of October 1776. Since then, Vega Baja has become a thriving city with a population of over 63 355. It is also known as the ‘syrup city’ or ‘La Ciudad del Melao Melao’ because of the harvests of sugar cane and pineapples that are enjoyed here.

  • San Juan

    The city of San Juan is the largest city, the capital and the chief port and commercial center of Puerto Rico. The port in San Juan exports mainly sugar cane, fruit, coffee and tobacco to the United States. San Juan has a current population of 437,745 people and is constantly growing.