Best time to visit Puerto Rico

Typically, the best time to visit Puerto Rico falls between the middle part of April and June. That is when things settle down, after a busy winter, and before the rains begin in summer. The springtime features temperatures of around the mid-80s in the day, although winter temperatures are slightly lower. However, because of the temperate climate, winter also marks a time when hotel accommodations are higher-priced and the island experiences more crowds.

Cordillera Central, main mountain range in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Weather in April to June

In the spring, the climate is as yet bright and windy, and the colder time of year swarms have returned home. Indeed, even the four-star inns start promoting room rates at under $200 per night. You’ll need to take note of that June is one of the most smoking on the island, however it’s an extraordinary month for occasions. A few celebrations are held all through Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Weather in July to September

Temperatures sneak into the high 80s throughout the mid year, and there’s additionally a possibility of tropical storms. Be that as it may, in this authority offseason lodgings offer probably the best arrangements. Additionally, less traveler swarms during this season mean you will not need to contend as energetically for a spot at the pool and café reservations are simpler to make sure about. In case you’re willing to face the challenge on a typhoon season visit, you (or rather, your wallet) will be compensated.

When Is Hurricane Season in Puerto Rico?

While temperatures in the fall are comparable to winter, you also need to consider that, at this time, the Atlantic hurricane season can affect your visit. Therefore, when reviewing the best time to go to Puerto Rico, you also have to scrutinize the weather in December, the Puerto Rico weather in January, and the weather in Puerto Rico in February.

Festival Time

What is nice about a visit to Puerto Rico in the spring are the soft sea breezes. During this time, the cooling winds seem to have carried all of winter’s travelers home. You can even enjoy room rates of under $200 per night. While June may be rather hot (around 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the day), it is the best time to visit Puerto Rico if you like to party or participate in summer festivities.

For example, one of the fun festivals in June is the Noche de San Juan, which happens on June 23 in the evening. The celebration, which commemorates the birth of John the Baptist, takes place on Puerto Rican beaches a couple days before the summer solstice. When the clock strikes the midnight hour, divers take at least 3 backward dives to rid themselves of negativity. Hotels throughout Puerto Rico hold big parties to celebrate the event as well.

The Puerto Rico Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season in Puerto Rico makes its official debut in June and runs until the end of November. However, historically, most hurricanes hit the island, and most of the Caribbean, in September. This natural seasonal event overlaps peak season travel and can affect summer holidays with the kids. Labor Day and the 4th of July in the U.S. also fall during the Puerto Rico Hurricane Season period.

Puerto Rico Weather in December to February

The winter may be the best time to travel to Puerto Rico for you if you don’t want to deal with hurricanes or would rather travel when the day time temperatures are in the lower 80’s. Also, precipitation is lower in the winter months than what it is in the spring. For example, February rain measurements average around 2.15 inches while they jump to almost 6 inches for the month of May.

During the busy season of January through March, your hotel costs will average round $200 per night in San Juan. Again, the pleasant temperatures and low precipitation make this period the best time to travel to Puerto Rico for some visitors. Visiting Puerto Rico during the holiday season can also be quite festive, as Puerto Ricans celebrate the season well into the New Year.

The Rainy and Dry Seasons

If you do not care about the additional cost, the best time to travel to Puerto Rico may indeed be based solely on the weather in PR.  The rainy season in Puerto Rico begins in April and lasts until November – another reason people like the weather in December, January, or February better, and therefore plan trips at that time. The dry season spans from December to March. Because of the island’s topography, the seasonal rainfall can vary throughout the isle, spanning from 30 inches (762 millimeters) in some places to 172 inches (4,369 millimeters) in other areas.

However, because most people visit San Juan, that is where you want to check the precipitation first. San Juan receives about 55 inches (1,400 millimeters) of rain annually. This amount includes about 4 inches (or 100 millimeters) each month, from May to December. February and March—the driest months in the capital—receive, on average, a mere 2.2 inches (or 55 millimeters) per months, as the trade winds weaken during this period. You may check San Juan doppler radar map to predict the best outfit for your upcoming trip.

As you can see, the weather in Puerto Rico, which tends to be sporadic, can still be predictable, depending on whether you believe the best time to visit Puerto Rico is in the winter, or during the drier or rainier seasons. If cost is not a factor, you should consider the possibility of extreme weather (such as rain or a hurricane) and your overall tolerance for higher temperatures.

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