Bravo Beach Hotel in Isabel Segunda

Located on the North Shore Road outside Isabel Segunda on Puerto Rico’s charming island of Vieques, the Bravo Beach Hotel offers nine beautifully renovated rooms, most of which are a mere 30 feet away from the white sandy beach, with stunning views of mainland Puerto Rico and the island of Culebra. In addition to these rooms, the hotel has a spacious two-bedroom villa which is perfect for that romantic getaway, or groups of friends.

The guest rooms are decorated in a minimalist style, and feature luxurious Aveda bath products, 300 channel satellite television, mini bar, small refrigerator and guests can request in-room DVDs or Playstation II for those who want to embrace their inner-child – under 18s are not permitted at Bravo Beach Hotel. All rooms are fitted with air-conditioning units with de-humidifier to ensure that they are always fresh.

The vacation villa at Bravo Beach Hotel is open and airy, with tall glass windows to allow an uninterrupted view of the picturesque surroundings. The villa features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room, dining room with table to seat up to eight persons, a modern kitchen and a private deck and patio, as well as a private yard leading onto the beach – luxury and privacy guaranteed.

Water sports, swimming and tanning are popular activities on Vieques and guests at Bravo Beach Hotel can request a packed picnic lunch to take with them on their day’s outing at the beach. The hotel also rents out snorkeling gear for those who want to explore the underwater wonderland of Vieques. Alternatively, spend your time lazing on a luxurious beach chair next to the hotel’s two swimming pools. The hotel has an in-house restaurant with an excellent wine selection and being within walking distance from the main town of Isabel Segunda, guests have easy access to a variety of restaurants, bars and cafés, as well as sailing charters and tour operators.

Bravo Beach Hotel is known for working along with guests in planning a trip to remember. On request by guests, the staff at the hotel will make reservations at the island’s must-see attraction, the Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay. They will also recommend local restaurants and book dinner reservations to ensure that guests get the best possible tables. All this can be done before you even arrive at the hotel. Alternatively, an itinerary can be discussed and decided on upon arrival. Either way, you are assured of experiencing the best the island has to offer, along with a good dose of warm hospitality.

Bravo Beach Hotel

Also, they have a beach bar, and they have free WiFi all the time if you want to stay there and play on the pool deck.  It’s a beautiful place for a relaxing swim or a swim lesson and it’s only a half an hour on the way to the main hospital, with a small walk on the beach.  Their beach bar is the best in Puerto Rico for what I’ve read about it, that said, I also read some of the reviews of it that said it had awful food and no water.  You can drink in a private room or not.  The Bravo Beach Hotel offers a private beach lounge and it is completely private.  They do however have room reservations with the beach bar. You’ll absolutely love this hotel for their location, this is almost 1/3 of the drive from the hospital.  Also, a large number of buses will take to the beach and the hotel has a bar that sells beer for a reasonable price in a big white tent and it is not a too long drive from the hospital. ”   You would have to do a full search before recommending a Beach Hotel on Vieques, but after a few nights of being there, you’ll like it.  The price may be a little high to some of you.  All are fully equipped with all the amenities you need.  We love that we don’t have to go anywhere and our rooms are close to the beach and we can see the people and wildlife from our rooms.  We highly recommend Bravo Beach Hotel for both its accommodations, quality of service, and incredible beachfront location.

Located on Vieques’s main street off of the main drag called El Camino Ruiz, the Bravo Beach Hotel is on the other side of the hospital, close to a small market called  Fusillo .  The bus will take you downtown, and the hotel is conveniently within walking distance of the bus station.  The Bravo Beach Hotel is only about a minute or two walk away from the hospital, and the only way back to the hospital is by train.  This is a very nice hotel, one of the big favorites in Puerto Rico.

It is not too far from the hospital to Puerto Rico Bay City, which people like to call the “Bay of Pigs”.  This is a very nice beach, and most of the other hotels are on the north side of the bay, but not here.  This is also a popular beach, although not with as many locals as it is in Puerto Rico Beach Village on Tenerife.  Puerto Rico Bay City is about one hour away on the bus.

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