Sheraton Hotels in San Juan Puerto Rico

Four Points at Palmas Del Mar - Located on the beachfront, just 45 minutes from downtown San Juan, the Four Points by Sheraton Resort & Casino at Palmas Del Mar has plenty to offer holidaymakers visiting this scenic spot in Puerto Rico. With beautifully landscaped gardens, sparkling blue swimming pools, tall palm trees swaying in the breeze and a long stretch of sandy beach with waves gently lapping the shore, this truly is a Caribbean paradise.

Sheraton Old San Juan – If you want to combine culture with modern convenience and luxury, you could barely do better than to book your stay at the Sheraton Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. This wonderfully upscale hotel is located in the heart of Old San Juan at 100 Brumbaugh Street, providing easy access to surrounding attractions. The building itself has beautiful Spanish-colonial architecture which has been preserved and combined with modern amenities to provide guests with a comfortable stay.

Four Points by Sheraton Caguas Real – Located on Alhambra and Granada Boulevard, is a hotel in Caguas that offers luxury accommodation together with wonderful facilities and services to make tourits’ stay in Puerto Rico memorable and comfortable. The Four Points by Sheraton Caguas Real Hotel & Casino strives to offer only the best in holiday and business accommodation.

Puerto Rico Convention Center Hotel & Casino – The newly developed Sheraton Puerto Rico Convention Center Hotel & Casino has already gained the reputation of being a landmark building in San Juan. Located on the Bay of San Juan, the Puerto Rico Convention Center, the hotel and the casino are perfectly laid out next to each other, creating a complex that offers all guests could want and more.

Why Stay at Sheraton Hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico

When you book online for your stay at Sheraton Hotels in Puerto Rico, you’ll never have any surprises. Your hotel stay will be exactly as you have chosen it, including rooms with private baths and views of the city.

Sheraton Old San Juan

This hotel also has free wi-fi that allows you to connect with the world for free. If you don’t want to make the trek to the hotel, however, you can enjoy a variety of local wines and spirits at Santa Barbara Winery in Brumbaugh Street.

In case you’re on the hunt for a luxury trip, we highly recommend that you book your stay at Sheraton Old San Juan. The hotel offers beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery that can’t be beaten in our book.

You can find out more about the hotel through their website.

For more information about the most popular attractions in Puerto Rico, we highly recommend that you read Sheraton Old San Juan’s guide before your stay.

Four Points by Sheraton Caguas Real

One of the things that guests at the Four Points by Sheraton Caguas Real rave about is its breakfast menu. When it comes to the breakfast menu, you’ll surely like the traditional breakfast plate. If you decide to order a different breakfast like a meat, eggs, cheese.

What’s even better is that Sheraton Caguas Real Hotel & Casino offers complimentary breakfast. From 6 AM to 7 AM, the hotel offers a complimentary breakfast, complete with breakfast potatoes and hash browns.

Guests and employees alike are guaranteed the latest features of technology, modern furnishings, and a modern, comfortable environment. There is no other hotel like it.

When booking Caguas hotels to stay in Puerto Rico, the Sheraton Caguas Real Hotel & Casino can be easily booked at the hotel or online.

Puerto Rico Convention Center Hotel & Casino

The Sheraton is located at 511 Main Street with its own entrance, and it is also within sight of San Juan’s main attractions, such as the Grand Parade with its float and street performers. The hotel offers all the luxury and comfort that convention center hotels do, as well as a very good selection of entertainment venues and attractions. Additionally, the hotel is within walking distance of the San Juan airport, so that it is ideal if people are traveling between the two cities. The hotel is also within the heart of the city, the main place to find restaurants. One of the hotel’s best aspects is that because it is located on the Bay of San Juan, visitors are less likely to miss the Bay of Puerto Rico, and to be more exposed to the amazing sights.

One of the most important features is the hotel’s excellent location. Just one block away from the San Juan airport is the historic harbor area, a place full of shops, restaurants, and restaurants. It is also within walking distance of the main drag of Puerto Rico, the Grand Parade, which plays host to many of the people visiting the island. If anyone visits San Juan, they should see the Grand Parade because its float carries flags, along with the Puerto Ricans that come to entertain from various locations in this area.

When it comes to accommodation, the hotel has everything. There are two different types of rooms, one which also has a balcony so that guests can see the surroundings and enjoy a view. On the other hand, there are two different types of rooms, one which consists of a single bed, but also a second bedroom which has a large double-sized bed and a TV. Another important consideration is the size of the bed. Most travelers have a specific bed size that they like to keep and will need to find a way to measure. In the Sheraton hotels and Casino, you can see the sizes of beds. In all other units, it is not recommended to set up too many beds, especially as it can create cramped conditions for guests.

There are restaurants in every section of the hotel, including a restaurant on the first level of the hotel, the Hotel, and the Casino. The restaurants on the first and second floors are all highly recommended. The rooms here are also amazing. There are 10 bedrooms, 8 of which are above-the-ground and have private balconies that are perfect for entertaining. Many of the rooms also have walk-in closets and storage spaces that are hidden away.

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