Villa Montana Resort- A Private Beachfront Village

If you’re looking for something a little different from the mainstream hotels and casino’s located in or near San Juan, you might want to give the Villa Montana Beach Resort in Puerto Rico a try. The Villa Montana Beach Resort provides guests with a more relaxed, family-orientated atmosphere for a great Caribbean beach holiday.

The Villa Montana Beach Resort is located on 35 acres of beachfront that has been made into a small, private village. All the villas and hotel rooms are owned and used regularly by people in Puerto Rico. Many of the people are regulars and many guests return, while the management team lives at the resort. This means that the resort has been able to develop a close-knit community of friendly faces who are always warm and welcoming to both regulars and new-comers. The Resort has 48 villas and 25 hotel rooms that are a part of the villas. There is no glistening high-rise hotel complex, no impersonal visage or ever-present sense of stateliness. Instead you’ll find a cozy, inviting community where you can relax and enjoy your stay to the greatest degree possible. The back of the resort is enclosed by a natural limestone cliff which adds to the private atmosphere enjoyed by the Villa Montana Beach Resort.

Visitors will find that there are plenty of great activities to enjoy near the Villa Montana Beach Resort. For example, you can try your hand at surfing, windsurfing or kite surfing. The scuba diving and snorkeling is excellent, while kayaking, swimming pools, beach fishing, deep-sea fishing, light tackle fishing, and whale watching (January – March) round up the water activities available in the area. If you prefer terra firma, you can play tennis, go horseback riding, biking, shoot some hoops, make use of the fitness center, go running on forest or beach trails, enjoy some bird watching, tee-off on the golfing greens at Borinquen, go canyoneering, spelunking and rappelling, enjoy hiking through jungles or up mountains or visit some of the nearby cultural and historical attractions.

Those looking to relax can make use of the spa services at the resort. It is really hard not to relax here. The pace of life slows down without a vibrant nightlife or day full of activities driven by commerce and fed by adrenalin. At night the absence of city lights will leave you dazzled by a wonderful array of stars. In the evening Puerto Rico’s famous little parrot will visit and chatter in amongst the palm fronds. Instead of an ever-constant hum of cars and people, you can fall asleep to the sound of the ocean softly lapping the shore nearby. The Villa Montana Beach Resort truly offers guests a piece of island paradise that is unforgettable.

Why Stay at Villa Montana Puerto Rico Beach Resort

Guests at Villa Montana Resort have free access to a wide range of amenities. The amenities include a large swimming pool with a heated tub for those hot days, swimming pool with a heated splash pad, tennis court, two basketball courts, beach volleyball courts, and the Village Gymnasium and pool. If you wish to take a swim, there are two pools, and you can see the beach from your villa.

They also have an indoor playground. The Villa Montana beach resort also has a hot tub next to the pool with the ability to steam and cool the pool by using steam to keep the water from running, or they can charge a fee to have fresh water available (and can even use a hot water bottle if you are using bottled water).

Aside from that, the resort also sports a 24-hour fitness center with a pool, and a fitness room with an assortment of weights, exercise machines, and other equipment. There’s also a spa with a wide range of services including Swedish and Oriental massage. They use tatami and you can also try their silk sheet massage or go for a classic Japanese ritual bath, with outdoor sauna. The spa also has a small restaurant nearby and aside from delicious local cuisine, Japanese cuisine is on offer too.

The Village Montana Resort is also the second home away from home for many of the residents of this community. There’s a community center, a community center garden, a small-town restaurant, and a small bar. The Village Montana Puerto Rico Beach Resort has large private guest rooms with a bar, a grill, buffet, and some free WiFi.

Guests can have all their meals delivered to their rooms l and they will be treated to 24/7 friendly service from the accommodating staff.  The in-house restaurant has a deli, snacks bar, and a local coffee shop as well. Guests recommend their classic ham and cheese, tuna turnovers, and clubhouse sandwiches. The resort’s hot and cold beverages like their espressos, lattes, cafe mocha, and caramel macchiatos are equally popular, too.

The Villa Montana Beach Resort is also very close to the community center. This means guests can also enjoy the following local community services:

  • Public libraries
  • Community center, bar, grill, buffet, library/grocery store/health care, and local grocery store (no outside food)
  • Recreation center
  • Cafe, pool, fitness room, and mini-community store


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