Tours of Puerto Rico, Vieques and Culebra

Tours in Puerto Rico have something for everybody and include walking tours, golf tours, scuba diving tours as well as custom travel tour packages that are only limited by the visitor's imagination.

For many travelers seeking island getaways in the Caribbean Ocean, the port at San Juan, Puerto Rico is one of the most famous and popular starting points for your travels.

While Tours of Caribbean destinations most often include stops in the historical port of Old San Juan, travelers can choose among a variety of options. It doesn’t matter if their destination is just Puerto Rico or the nearby islands of Jamaica, the U.S. Virgin Islands or Barbados.

Whether travelers are seeking self-guided vacations or organized tours of Puerto Rico, visitors have a variety of travel packages as well as tour options available to them while visiting this beautiful island paradise. Taxi services abound and ground transportation is plentiful. Transfers and shuttles are also the most convenient and efficient in the Caribbean.

Most visitors to Puerto Rico are part of organized tours that usually originate from ports in the United States, most notably in South Florida. However, with the popularity of tourism in the Caribbean including stops in Puerto Rico, many United States travel operators have fashioned tours for those with long layovers as well as short one and two day trips with excursions that include visits to more than one of the other countries that form the beautiful islands of the Caribbean.

Independent travelers wanting to create their own self-guided travel experience can easily explore the island by a backpack or by rental car. Starting your vacation with careful planning and information guides, travelers opting for self-guided tours of Puerto Rico may choose between activities ranging from camping to backpacking. Self-guided tourists usually plan their Puerto Rico vacations with sleepovers in charming family owned cottages and hotels found in the foothills as well as along the beautiful island coastline.

Whether you are visiting Puerto Rico by backpack or cruise liner, or whether you are traveling alone or in groups, offers a wide selection of tours for everybody from families on vacation to experienced adventure travelers, honeymoon couples and budget travelers.

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