AFRO BORICUA CULTURAL TOURS 856-873-1595 AFRO BORICUA CULTURAL TOURS is the offspring of True Asiatic and Skai Davis, formally of The Yabba Pot Café in Baltimore, MD. True and Skai have already hosted three tours in Puerto Rico and are excited to offer this specialized tour which celebrates the rich African culture that Puerto Rico has melded with. After moving to Puerto Rico in 2009, True and Skai realized that Puerto Rico's African heritage is such an integral part of the larger Puerto Rican society, that they felt it would be exciting to share it, in the form of a package, with the world. Much of what would be considered culturally Puerto Rican is merged with a huge African experience and history. Alma Abreu states that, "The average tourist visiting Puerto Rico never learns about the African history that is vivid and alive throughout the island. Too often, the Spanish and indigenous Taino roots of Puerto Rico are highlighted to tourists while the African heritage is left unspoken. For many years, the Black history of Puerto Rico was even missing from Puerto Rico's history books. Thankfully as a new generation of conscious Puerto Ricans, both Black and mixed explore their African heritage, this erasure is ending." One of our excursions will be to El Museo de Nuestra Raiz Africana (the Museum of our African Roots) located in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is where you can learn about the African cultural influence of Puerto Rico. This heritage is celebrated through paintings, artifacts, documents and photographs. According to the museum brochure, "one of the aims of the museum is to preserve, collect, document and spread the history and culture of Puerto Rico that grew out of the Black population's experience on the island." The museum exhibit is arranged in a chronological order documenting the origin, background and arrival of the African slaves to Puerto Rico. On the first floor the various ethnic groups of the slaves from West and Central Africa are listed such as the Ashanti, Yoruba, Bantu and Congo. There are drawings depicting the middle passage and the brutal treatment of the slaves once on the sugar plantations. Documents and pictures from the 16th and 17th centuries paint a very real picture of the mistreatment of African slaves by the Spaniards, a fact that many Puerto Ricans have failed to acknowledge. African History in Puerto Rico began with the immigration of African Freemen who arrived with Spanish Conquistadors. This article gives the reader a very sincere view of the African and its melding with Puerto Rican Culture: African Aspects of the Puerto Rican Personality by (the late) Dr. Robert A. Martinez, Baruch College. We consider it required reading: We will not only attempt to explore the rich African heritage of the island, but we will also engage you in the islands environmental gem....Nature! El Yunque Rainforest gets its name from an Indian spirit Yuquiye, which means "Forest of Clouds, which gave the mountain that dominates the 28,000 acre of tropical forest. It is the only tropical forest in the United States National Forest System. Originally set aside in 1876 by the Spanish Crown, the Forest represents one of the oldest reserves in the Western Hemisphere. With over 240 species (26 species are found nowhere else) of trees and plants, give reason to the government of Puerto Rico to spend a great deal of moneymaking to preserve floral species and animals that are on the verge of extinction. With Robin Phillip, our tour guide, we will embark on a half day hike that follows the track of a 75 year old mountain Railroad built by 2000 men over a period of 4 years to bring electricity to the area by connecting 4 rivers to a 1929 turbine generator still in use today. Learn the secrets of Puerto Rico's lost animals and native people, why we receive one of the world's largest rainfalls and have the cleanest air and water left on earth. Visit one of the most beautiful and remote waterfalls in Puerto Rico where the still virgin fauna offers a peek into the jungles of past times. Weather permitting, scale the rock falls and ascend to a secluded jungle pool for a swim where water is the purest left on the earth. After this hike you will be forever indebted to the earth and all she gives us! Throw in some Night Life, Salsa and Bomba Dancing, Shopping and of course THE BEACH! This Trip will be the most adventurous and educationally uplifting you have ever been on!! Book Your Spot TODAY!