Aguadilla Marriott Courtyard Hotel to San Antonio Technology Park

This video shows local attractions and landmarks along the drive from the Aguadilla Marriott Courtyard luxury hotel to the nearby San Antonio Technology Park. To read the signs, watch in full-screen, HD mode. Traffic conditions are representative. In Puerto Rico, all drivers should be very alert for road hazards and bad drivers despite the large numbers of traffic police evident everywhere. The beautiful Aguadilla Marriott Courtyard hotel is the former base hospital for the former Ramey Air Force Base closed in 1973. The drive starts at the hotel, turns onto Belt Road, proceeds to Hanger Road, proceeds to Wing Road, and connects onto San Antonio Road - also known as PR 110. The Marriott Courtyard is located here:,+Saratoga,+Santa+Clara,+California+95070&ll=18.50089,-67.140023&spn=0.001933,0.004286&t=k&z=19 , and has a superb pool . The San Antonio Technology Park is located here:,+Saratoga,+Santa+Clara,+California+95070&ll=18.493597,-67.101029&spn=0.001933,0.004286&t=k&z=19 . After the return trip, you will visit a wonderful outside road-side fruit stand located under the tree located here:,+Saratoga,+Santa+Clara,+California+95070&ll=18.49535,-67.101577&spn=0.001933,0.004286&t=k&z=19 . Contrabandos restaurant in San Antonio is located here:,+Saratoga,+Santa+Clara,+California+95070&ll=18.492547,-67.097221&spn=0.001933,0.004286&t=k&z=19 . Muchas gracias to Tony and Harry for introducing me to this wonderful place and its inexpensive, exquisite skirt steak and incomparable yellow rice dishes - try the ham and rice if you can..... Luna Marina and Ocean Front restaurants in Isabella are located here:,+Saratoga,+Santa+Clara,+California+95070&ll=18.513056,-67.080803&spn=0.001933,0.004286&t=k&z=19 . Playa Jobos (beach) is located here:,+Saratoga,+Santa+Clara,+California+95070&ll=18.513979,-67.075876&spn=0.001933,0.004286&t=k&z=19 . Playa Jobos can have dangerous currents and the Coast Guard provides more rescues to this beach than any other Puerto Rico Beach. Iguanas are located nearly everywhere. Here are the driving directions for the route taken: 7.1 km about 11 minutes (with no traffic), 20 minutes in normal traffic From the Marriot Courtyard Hotel: 1.Head south on W Parade toward Belt Rd - 0.1 km 2.Take the 1st left onto Belt Rd - 1.1 km 3.Turn left at Hangar Rd/Ave Ing Orlando Alarcon - 0.2 km 4.Turn left at Wing Rd 0.2 km 5.Take the 1st right onto Pr- 110/San Antonio Rd Continue to follow Pr- 110 - 5.1 km 6.Turn left at Cll San Antonio 0.1 km 7.Take the 1st left 0.4 km Produced by W. David Schwaderer