An alcapurria is made from a doughy mixture of mashed up tubers and corms that grow on the island which surround around a center of heavily seasoned meat. Cooks spoon the meat into the center, roll the alcapurria into a distinctive peg shape and deep fry it for several minutes. The dough that surrounds the meat is called the 'masa' and is made primarily of yautia and may contain grated calabazas (tropical pumpkins), potato, plantains, and other starchy tropical tubers. Cooks usually add achiote and oil to the masa to give its own flavor. The meat is often spicy ground beef, such as picadillo, but can also be crab or chicken. The (masa) is refrigerated for several hours to achieve a solid consistency. The masa is then filled with picadillo, ground beef, etc... and deep fried in oil. Yuca "alcapurrias" are also stuffed with crab meat. "Alcapurrias" are also one of the many dishes served on the kiosk stands or cuchifritos.