Boone Storm Trailer

Here in Rincon Puerto Rico, trying to get used to the area I found myself with not a lot to do after the sun goes down, at least until my art supplies arrive. Because Im in the Rainforest and have no car as of yet, the walk home is very dark and full of creepy wildlife that I cannot see. So I for now choose to be home early in the evening and use the internet before the man eating bugs come out. I do however enjoy a creepy crawl of my own around the forest at night with my camera and loin cloth. Well this is some of what I do as I watch the sunset and I do want to warn you that hopefully I will have a constant live camera with me at all times. The Boone Cam! Please enjoy! Boone OH and dont forget to visit my website and watch for new art and hopefully a new website as well. ADIOOOOOOOOS!