Carnival Valor Port – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our day at San Juan, Puerto Rico during our cruise on the Carnival Valor 0:31 - La Plaza de Colon 0:58 - Art shop/studio 1:58 - Jewelry shop 2:06 - Horse and buggy 2:49 - La Fortaleza (a.k.a. Palacio de Santa Catalina) It's the governor's mansion 3:13 - Hill top vantage point 3:40 - I recognized Parque de las Palomas (Pigeon Park) 4:06 - Drunk guy @ Tijuana's 5:23 - Departing scenery Check out our day in St. Maarten here: Check out this landing in Orlando airport: Check out a video of the Carnival Valor: Leaving the Port of Miami: "Best drinks of Puerto Rico" from TheTravelVlogger Some cool info from @Bultron7 : La Fortaleza was a fortress built between 1533 & 1540 to defend the harbor of San Juan. It's the oldest executive mansion in the New World. Some of those buildings may not look so old because they were carefully restored to give them new life. La Fortaleza was captured twice by the Europeans. This is great for a family vacation. As well as romantic get away for couples :) Thanks to felipe visbal for some helpful info :)