Iberoamerican Leadership Congress 2011 in Puerto Rico – Promo video II

http://www.ilc2011puertorico.org - ILC Website http://www.facebook.com/ILC2011puertorico -Facebook Page From March 18 -- 24 young leaders from over 25 countries and territories, along with senior management of over 50 companies are converging in Aguadilla for Puerto Rico's largest international congregation of young people -- the Iberoamerican Leadership Congress 2011, Puerto Rico. This is the annual regional conference in which selected members of AIESEC in many countries come together to build common strategies, acquire leadership tools and discuss issues relevant to their communities, developing strategic perspective not only regarding the association, but also about the challenges faced by their countries. It also meets more than 300 delegates of the different 18 countries in the Iberoamerican Growth Network (IGN). The congress will also attract over 500 virtual participants to join this one-of-a-kind celebration of youth leadership and diversity. For 10 years now, this annual summit has been bringing together young leaders global business houses, organizations and individuals from different parts of the world. From El Salvador, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, Peru and two times in Colombia; Puerto Rico is proud of being the next host of the Iberoamerican Leadership Congress.