KauAI Hawaii USA Hanalei Bay Rainbow November 15, 2010 KauAIcr07 #125

Hanalei Bay Rainbow KauAI November 15, 2010 this YouTube video is a response to the official Andy Irons Memorial Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico. The prince of surfing king of all surfers Andy Irons reached the pinnacle of competitive international surfing. Royally ruling Andy Irons legend will continue to regally resound at home and internationally for generations to come. Andy Irons inspired innovation in the sport of surfing because of his impressive invention of aerial techniques and flawless barrels. Andy Irons surfing legacy will continue to inspire surfers worldwide to continue to be physically fit and participate in the healthy sport of surfing. Andy Irons although he had unknown physical hereditary impairments, he did his personal best thank you. Kauaicr07 #125 Former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle declared February 13 Andy Irons Day Forever in his loving memory 1978-2010. Generations of surfers gave their respect honor and pouring out of love. We all came together to gather mourn and celebrate in the Andy Irons Prince of Surfing Memorial Service on November 14, 2010 Hanalei Bay KauAI Hawaii USA Andy Irons taught us how our faith hope and love go along way with aloha. Andy Irons 3X ASP World Title Holder, 4X Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Champion, 4X Billabong Pipe Masters In Memory Of Andy Irons Champion plus 19 elite tour victories outstanding thank you. Kauaicr07 #126 Andy Irons surfing skills aerials, switch backs, spins 360's, being poised in the barrel are powerful epic real athleticism. Andy Irons ignited and energized the international world of surfing in our modern era. On November 14, 2010 A Memorial Paddle-Out to honor Andy Irons surfing legacy and family life was held at Irons' Brother's Classic Surf Break KauAI Hawaii USA. December 8, 2010 congratulations Lyndie Irons and Ohana newborn baby boy Andrew Axel Irons has arrived a bundle of joy all the best aloha mahalo nui loa. KauAIcr07 #127 Stand up paddle surfer KauAIcc enters the Pacific Ocean surf of Hanalei Bay Hawaii USA. Rain, larger swell, stronger currents and a beautiful peaceful rainbow appears we reflect upon Andy Irons Memorial Service. I KauAIcr07 am standing in the bountiful azure blue Pacific Ocean shore break filming with my cannon power shot I had my water fitness workout stand up paddle surfing now I begin to film again stand up paddle surfer KauAIcc returning to shore from his surf session. Aloha and mahalo Hanalei Bay KauAI Hawaii USA Rainbow we love you Coolwater00 thank you. KauAIcr07 #128