Puerto Rico 2009 adventures El Salto de Collazo San Sebastian

Just outside of San Sebastian, right off Rt. 111, can't miss it. I only take special guests to this special place. Just get out of your car and into the clean water. Nice site for picnic, though nobody seems to clean up the garbage much, even though there is a garbage can. You can actually climb up the right-hand side (go down about fifty feet and look for the path) and stand on top of the falls! It's safe if it's not raining. Once it starts raining, these falls are dangerous. Massive water flow. Go in the late morning, before the afternoon rains start, as they always do in the mountains, or you will not be able to get into the water. Yes-this waterfall is so big, it is worth the 2+ hour drive from San Juan. As my daughter said when we were sitting in the water, "It would be kind of hard to explain this place to folks from the U.S." True-it is that beautiful. Park where you can see your car. Little chance of being robbed on weekends, or even weekdays during the day; the place is on a main road and there are lots of families and regular people hanging out. I would never go there after dark, or on an "off" hour, though. Drinking permitted, but watch the glass. There are some venders selling food, drink. Bring a camera for an epic shot. Mountain, country people are friendly, unlike the metropolitan folks-residents of San Juan. Go slow in the mountains, and expect folks to come flying around the corner. Beep warnings on blind corners; the locals do it.