Puerto Rico Beach Dog

http://ARFRincon.org Rusty has been living on the beach. He was cared for by several ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation volunteers) until a foster owner was found. This week we found a foster owner and then took him to the vet. Rusty was adopted! "I wanted to thank the wonderful volunteers who rescued and fostered Rusty from Steps Beach. He is now living happily with me and my family in Connecticut. We adopted him in February. He was sleeping in his cage with the sun on him, and my four year old boy woke him up. He was on a mission to give dogs some love and attention that day, the dogs from PR that made the trip to Stamford, the dogs without a home or family. When I asked him if he wanted to take Rusty home, his eyes and face lit up. He has been living with us since then. He has acres to run, gets a nice long walk every day, plays ball and fetch, and has the run of the house. There are even other dogs he plays with in the area. The best part of Rusty is he is such a gentle, caring dog. He can be a bit playful and nippy with me, but he is a gentle dog when it comes to my son. He loves hugs and kisses. He is well fed, brushed, bathed, and is now living a good life. We absolutely adore him. Here are pictures of him. You do wonderful work, thank you for Rusty. He is the third dog I have rescued. The first Sato. We are hoping to adopt another Sato in a year or so, I want to give Rusty a bit more time with his new family and surroundings. But I think he would enjoy another dog around. Lynn Russell Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 4:22 PM I have watched your you-tube videos and it breaks my heart to see how he lived. I cannot wait to go home and hug and kiss him. http://villaorleanspr.blogspot.com/