Puerto Rico’s Western Coastal Valley & Rincón

Puerto Rico's Western Coastal Valley & Rincón Rincón located in the Western Coastal Valley, with waves from the Atlantic on the north side of the point, and calmer Caribbean seas on the southern side, is home to many of the best surfing beaches in Puerto Rico. It is also home to many calm, clear Caribbean beaches including Corcega Beach. In Rincón the major industry is tourism. You'll find that many people speak English in Rincón. Rincón was the site of a nuclear reactor plant in the 1960s, that was subsequently closed and claimed clean. In the 1980s, the U.S. government reportedly performed more cleaning, and there are now plans to open it to the public as a museum. During the winter months of January and February humpback whales can be seen from the lighthouse and it is quite a sight. The karst region, at the end of this video, is in the north. This area consists of formations of rugged volcanic rock dissolved by water throughout the geological ages. This limestone region is an extremely attractive zone of extensive mogotes or haystack hills, sinkholes, caves, limestone cliffs, and other karst features. The karst belt extends from Aguadilla, in the west, to a minor haystack hills formation in Loíza, just east of San Juan. http://poeticliterature.com/