Running on water – Las Paylas Puerto Rico

The locals showing us how it's done. They either slide or run down the rock slide on their feet. There is a small pool of water at the end that has boulders. That is why they have to make a big splash at the end in order to stop themselves from hitting the rock. TO GET THERE FOLLOW ROAD #3 UNTIL YOU FIND THE SABANA EXIT (N 18 22.305 W 065 42.966) THEN FOLLOW ROAD #992 AND MAKE A LEFT TO GO ONTO ROAD #991 (N 18 21.830 W 065 43.374) FOLLOW THIS ROAD AND MAKE A RIGHT ONTO ROAD #983 WHEN YOU SEE THE BARRIO SABANA SIGN (N 18 21.049 W 065 43.529) FOLLOW THIS ROAD AN YOU WILL GET TO A HOUSE (N 18 20.284 W 065 43.855).