Zipline/Ferrata Adventure-Aventuras Tierra Adentro, Puerto Rico

This is not your ordinary zip-line or canopy tour; this is an adventure. On our zip-lines you'll experience dizzying heights as you soar over the great Angeles sinkhole of the Rio Camuy cave system. Our adventure starts with a hike, topped by an entertaining mid-forest crash course on ziplining and ferrata techniques. Geared and psyched up, you'll start a series of zip-lines and become part of the surreal beautiful setting of nature's own moss-and-fern wall paper embellishing everything, birds flying below, rising mist and the rumbling of the river that will enticingly catch your eye, as it magically appears and disappears into the underground world. To add more excitement, the zip-lines are linked by sections of vias ferratas, techniques that were developed during World War I to access high places via vertical pathways equipped with cables, metal rebars and ladders. Topping this off, you will be engulfed by the mouth of Angeles Cave as you zip down into the darkness. And thats not all, to give you a taste of our hard core Caving Adventure, you will enter into the twilight zone and take a free jump into the Rio Camuy. Float back to the serenity of light and enjoy lunch and tierra firme while it lasts. More to come, exit the sinkhole by climbing the exposed via ferrata section that will take you to the end of your journey and reward you with a strong feeling of a true adventure and a challenging accomplishment.