Is Aguadilla Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know

Aguadilla is one of the safest places for tourists in Puerto Rico.

The Aguadilla City Police works with Puerto Rico State Police to keep people in Aguadilla safe.

I was born and raised in Aguadilla, and I will tell you all you need to know to be safe while visiting or staying in Aguadilla.

In this article, I will cover the following topics:

What Is Aguadilla?
Is Aguadilla Puerto Rico safe for tourists?
Are Aguadilla beaches safe?
Is Aguadilla safe at night?
Is Aguadilla safe for solo travelers?
Is Aguadilla safe to walk around?


What is Aguadilla? 

Aguadilla is a small town on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

image of Aguadilla 's beach
Aguadilla is famous for surfing and sunny beaches.

You will find some of Puerto Rico’s best beaches in Aguadilla.

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Is Aguadilla Puerto Rico safe for tourists?

Yes, Aguadilla is safe for tourists. Aguadilla has a well-trained city police force and also three State Police Stations.

Many bars, restaurants, and pubs have private security.

image of Peña Blanca Beach
Peña Blanca Beach in Aguadilla is one of the area’s best beaches.

A significant percentage of Aguadilla’s economy depends on tourism.

For that reason, the city administrators and the owners of businesses go above and beyond to make tourists feel and be safe.

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Are Aguadilla beaches safe?

Aguadilla’s beaches are safe for visitors.

Nevertheless, one should exercise caution while enjoying Aguadilla’s beaches.

image of Crash Boat beach
Crash Boat Beach is one of Puerto Rico’s most popular tourist destinations.

Stay aware of weather conditions. Local news will notify if the conditions make the beach unsafe for swimmers. There are no lifeguards on duty at Aguadilla’s beaches. 

Secure your belongings, and you will enjoy your time at the beach.

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Is Aguadilla safe at night?

Yes, Aguadilla is safe at night. State Police and Aguadilla’s City Police officers patrol the streets at night. 

Streets and sidewalks are well-lit, and there will be plenty of people around.

image of Aguadilla at night
Nightlife in Aguadilla is vibrant and safe.

Paseo Real Marina receives many visitors at night, and most places have private security.

Because Aguadilla is a small town, it has a low crime rate.

Still, you have to exercise the same caution and common sense you do back home.


Is Aguadilla safe for solo travelers?

Aguadilla is safe for solo travelers. People in Aguadilla are kind and friendly.

You will be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve.

image of Lighthouse Ruins in Aguadilla
The Lighthouse Ruins in Aguadilla is a popular for photography.

You need to be as cautious as you are in your hometown. Stay in well-lit places, don’t wander far away from tourist attractions, and you will be fine. Aguadilla has an international airport, so many solo travelers arrive in Aguadilla.

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Is Aguadilla safe to walk around?

The places you can walk around are Paseo Real Marina, the former Ramey Base, and the restaurants near the beaches.

Police are constantly patrolling these places, and most of them have their private security. 

You will be safe while walking; use your common sense and stay in well-lit areas.

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FAQ section

Is Aguadilla safe for female travelers?

Yes, Aguadilla is safe for female travelers. Exercise simple safety precautions as you do back home.

Is Aguadilla safe for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

Puerto Rico is one of the most LGBTQIA+-friendly destinations in the Caribbean. When you visit Aguadilla, you will see many businesses with a sign that reads LGBTQIA+ welcome.


Final thoughts

Aguadilla is a very safe town with beautiful beaches, friendly people and excellent cuisine. 

Low crime rates, a well-trained police force and competent private security will keep you as safe as you are back home.

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Is Aguadilla Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know
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