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Hi, we’re the team behind PuertoRico.com

We are a group of writers from Puerto Rico with a mission to help people learn about this amazing island.

Our local experience ensures that all of our articles are up-to-date and accurate.

Brittany Ashford

Editor and writer at PuertoRico.com. After living in Puerto Rico for seven years, Brittany opened a guesthouse in Rincón and welcomed over 400 guests to the island from around the world. When she’s not writing about travel or spending time with her dog, she is working towards becoming a pilot with dreams of flying around the islands.

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Carlos Cubero

Writer at PuertoRico.com. Carlos was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. He is passionate about Puerto Rican history and culture. He has lived on the west coast of Puerto Rico for many years, and hosts an Airbnb for tourists. He also coordinates tours and concierge services for tourists visiting the island. He authored “Eat Like A Local, Puerto Rico”, and has contributed to blogs and magazines with articles about discovering and enjoying what Puerto Rico has to offer.

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Erin Reynolds

Writer at PuertoRico.com. After graduating from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Erin was stationed on a patrol boat in Puerto Rico. She responded to Hurricane Irma and Maria, delivering relief supplies. Then, she worked as an Emergency Management Specialist, coordinating with local partners to develop contingency exercises. Now, she spends her time in Puerto Rico with her husband and two dogs, exploring the island and finding all the best things to do, which she shares in her articles.

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Everest Kole

Everest Kole is a blogger and travel writer. They have backpacked and camped around a good portion of Puerto Rico for over nine months. They hammock camp on beaches around the island and wherever else they can. Everest is just starting out their professional writing career, but they have been running their own personal travel blog for two years and documenting their travels in Puerto Rico for about six months.

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Jason Tripp Lou

Jason Tripp Lou is a creative writer, backpacker and illustrator. Jason has traveled the northern coast of Puerto Rico from east to west, on foot, over the past nine months. He camps on beaches, explores forests, and learns from the locals. They have plans to continue exploring the southern coast, central mountains, and smaller islands over the next year.

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Miguel Concepcion

Writer at PuertoRico.com. Miguel has lived in Puerto Rico for 14 years and has experienced every inch of this stunning island. Growing up in Puerto Rico has helped him truly learn about the rich culture and extensive history that the island has to offer. He shares his local knowledge in all of the articles that he writes.

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Vanessa Ramos

Writer at PuertoRico.com. Vanessa is an avid traveler and freelance writer from Puerto Rico. She loves the outdoors, coffee, hiking, and letters. When she’s not inside typing letters on her laptop, she is out exploring the hidden treasures that Puerto Rico has to offer!

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Cristina Rosa

Cristina was born and raised in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. She knows all the ins and outs of the island. For 22 years, she has tasted, seen, experienced, and explored most of Puerto Rico's gems. And that which she has still to discover, she marks down for the next road trip.

Cristina Rosa

Mayra París

Writer at PuertoRico.com. Born and raised in Santurce, Puerto Rico, Mayra is a writer, translator and illustrator who still lives in the heart of San Juan’s most vibrant cultural district. During the week, you can find her teleworking in cozy coffee shops or at home with her cat. On weekends, she prowls art galleries, 16th century churches, and the hottest restaurants in the Metro area.

Mayra Paris

Adriana Mercado

Writer at PuertoRico.com. Adriana is a writer, editor, and freelancer. She was born and raised in San Germán, Puerto Rico, where she experienced the best landscapes, local eateries, and shops the region has to offer. Sharing the rich culture and history of Puerto Rico’s Southwest gives her the perfect reason to keep exploring!

Adriana Mercado

Dimary Hernández Soto

Writer at PuertoRico.com. Dimary has lived in Puerto Rico her entire life. When she is not writing, she works in the healthcare industry as a Quality Control Specialist. After Hurricane Maria, she and her teammates were responsible for ensuring that life support equipment reached patients in need around the island.

Dimary Hernández Soto

Elannah Swarnes Matos

Writer at PuertoRico.com. Elannah is a Nuyorican writer at PuertoRico.com with roots in Cabo Rojo. Her love for Puerto Rico has guided her home and has been a source of inspiration ever since. She hopes that her writing, and the beauty of Puerto Rico connects with people.

Elannah Swarnes Matos

Nicole Navarro Ortíz

Writer at PuertoRico.com. Nicole was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She is an enthusiast of art, culture, history, nature and hiking. She has been living in the Old San Juan area for ten years and has come to know every little corner that is filled with history and the characteristically amiability of Puerto Rican people. She has worked in the Museum and Art Industry for more than ten years, and is an expert in all things related to Puerto Rican culture, art & history.

Nicole Navarro Ortíz

Christian Ramos

Writer at PuertoRico.com. Christian is a full-time writer and public relations specialist with experience in tourism, gastronomy, and economics. He started his career as a lifestyle journalist for a publication with the highest readership in Puerto Rico. When he’s not writing, he’s a part-time foodie, avid traveler, and coffee lover. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, he knows well how to live the Boricua experience.

Christian Ramos

Ariana Santos

Writer at PuertoRico.com. Ariana is a Santurce local in Puerto Rico who is obsessed with following cultural trends in art, music, sports, and fashion. She hopes to uncover the perfect setting for your next experience. When she isn’t writing, she is working in the live events industry, or sailing the coastline.

Ariana Santos